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How does the logistics industry rely on mobile Internet?
Source:English website Release time:2021-08-13
    Now it seems that mobile Internet is no longer a new word. After several years of development, mobile Internet has made enviable achievements in many industries.
    For example, in the takeout industry, meituling's takeout business is becoming more and more perfect, and users can enjoy takeout services without going out; In the tourism industry, users can take a taxi on mobile applications such as didi and Uber; Of course, users can also browse news and many other mobile Internet services through various applications.
    However, in the process of the rapid development of mobile Internet, the logistics industry is rarely involved, and logistics related applications are rarely seen.
    According to a survey of the U.S. logistics and transportation industry, this cost accounts for 8% of U.S. GDP.
    To catch up with the wave of mobile Internet, the logistics industry should also speed up the upgrading and transformation of traditional logistics industry.
    As we all know, the logistics industry involves warehousing, material handling, supply chain management and other links. Mobile Internet technology can help logistics enterprises simplify human operation process, reduce human cost and improve the operation efficiency of logistics enterprises. How can the logistics industry get on the train of mobile Internet?
    Key technologies of logistics application
    For the logistics industry, optimizing the path should be the primary task to obtain data through traffic information. Through route optimization, a lot of time can be saved, which is beneficial to the timely distribution of logistics personnel.
    If the truck driver can predict the traffic conditions of the road ahead, he can predict and change the route in time to avoid economic losses caused by cargo delay.
    The location tracking function of logistics application mainly solves various problems in logistics application. For example, application developers can easily monitor the location of a truck and predict its arrival time.
    When the vehicle breaks down, call the dispatcher and notify the fault location, which can also help them find a nearby maintenance point.
    The process of location tracking, the factors involved in the process, and how the process occurs. The main components of the plan are ECs, GPS satellites and signal towers of telecom operators.
    The product also has the function of positioning and tracking, which makes the communication more stable and avoids goods delay and even economic loss. Network signal coverage has an important impact on the location of logistics system. Firstly, the mobile device or mobile phone generates the vehicle position or coordinates to the server through the network signal to realize real-time positioning.
    In addition to obtaining traffic information and location tracking, the realization of fleet management function is conducive to improving fleet scheuling efficiency.
    Fleet management includes the functions of strategy, collection, service, maintenance management, energy management, fault management, tools / technology and processing. When problems occur in each link of logistics and transportation, they can be found and handled in time.
    For logistics companies and start-ups that provide logistics solutions, asset tracking and management is a function that can not be ignored. The main purpose of this feature of transportation services in mobile applications is to manage the inspection of truck transportation equipment, weighing sensors, goods, etc.
    Users can also use asset movement tracking and management options to combine vehicle positioning and inventory management, making the identification process of actual locations easier.
    Another advantage of this kind of logistics application development capability is that it can help end users establish trust with logistics enterprises. In this way, users can track their commodity location at any time under any conditions, which is a great advantage of supply chain visibility for logistics and transportation enterprises.
    In addition, users can also choose TMS (also known as transmission management system) to avoid security risks. In the construction of TMS, users can choose a reliable mobile application development company to develop services such as data encryption.

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