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How to express valuables and personal belongings?
Source:English website Release time:2021-08-13
    Delivery process: customers should call the company in advance and call the company's staff in advance after inquiry. It is necessary to book space in advance for bulk goods. Bulk space booking can be paid back in cash. Weight weighing is charged by kg. The price is reasonable, the service attitude is good, safe, convenient and on time
    Consult in advance to understand the dynamic information of the day (whether there are flights, those goods can not be transported, goods packaging, goods standards and weight, and understand the mailing expenses
    In the transportation process, the general work center corresponds to the goods to be inspected, and acknowledges that the total amount of shipments from the corresponding airport is the same as the number of outer packages. The express enterprise shall book shipping space with the agent and deliver the goods to the agent. After receiving the booking information from the express enterprise, the agent shall book the shipping space with the company according to the time limit required by the express enterprise. After the company approves the space, the agent shall hand in the airport master order 3 hours before the corresponding flight takes off. After the security check 2 hours before the corresponding flight takes off, the goods are loaded and the transportation is in progress!
    Delivery at the port of destination. After the goods arrive, the acting company will tell the consignee the flight number, bill of lading, aircraft take-off time, aircraft landing time, airport pick-up office and other information. The recipient will pick up the goods at the airport with the original. It goes without saying that you are waiting at home! Express mail valuable single products, such as precision instruments, household appliances, handicrafts, jewelry and unearthed cultural relics. In the process of mailing or logistics, they need some special handling methods. Generally, it is not recommended that you send ultra valuable items by express, but when there is a real demand, we need to carry out difference and packaging according to this process. Then, define the definition of valuables and matters needing attention when transporting valuables to express logistics.
    Definition of valuable Logistics:
    Valuables are not divided by value, but are defined by product type. Here are some valuable items with a starting point:
    Securities: cash, passbook, credit card, bank card, national debt, treasury bill, wallet, etc.
    Important permits: residence permit, real estate permit, ID card, marriage certificate, passport, visa, diploma, degree certificate, qualification certificate and reward certificate, etc.
    Valuables: jewelry, jewelry, watches, calligraphy and painting, valuable gifts, articles
    Each card type: VIP card, membership card, door card, gas card, electric card, medical card, deduction card, warranty card, etc.
    Other projects: anything that needs protection.
    Precautions when transporting valuables for express delivery:
    1. Before sending valuables, it is necessary to ensure the price, declare the value of valuables and pay the guaranteed price. You have arrived with the express company and cannot be hidden, which leads to loss or claim loss.
    2. It is necessary to clarify the process of the secured party and the notification responsibility of the express party. After arriving at the agreement, valuables, especially fragile items, should be properly packed. It is necessary to pack carefully to ensure the safety in the transportation process.
    3. In case of damage or loss, please contact the express company first and make a direct agreement according to the preliminary preparation.
    4. If the complaint fails, you can continue to complain to the customer hotline. After adjustment by the customer Association, the compensation intention is reached.

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