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Will Tripartite logistics depend on the relationship in the future
Source:English website Release time:2021-08-13
    Many people say that the three parties have made a lot of money. They can sit in the office to finish their work and count money in bed every day. Why do you say that? Xiaobian is also deeply involved in Tripartite logistics. In fact, it is just a "relationship".
    Unlike special trains for department stores, Tripartite logistics is usually fixed to provide services for one or more production enterprises. Artificially exaggerate the mystery of "relationship". Indeed, there are some relationships. In fact, many of them are established after the business is completed. Therefore, the business source of TPL is very single, belonging to the type of less customers and more services. It maintains this hard won "relationship" with a few enterprises, and even establishes interest ties to maintain business volume.
    There is no denying that in recent years, the three parties do have a lot of profit space. At that time, the market was still immature, and enterprises had no deep understanding and requirements for logistics. However, with the rapid development of logistics, are the three parties still profitable? Let's share some examples.
    Receivables are endless. Many people are embarrassed to tell others that they want to do business by themselves, which has become an industry rule. Monthly freight statement has been processed as quarterly and annual settlement. The company is short of funds. When the service enterprise changes.
    The relationship failed. Xiaobian has a friend who has a "relationship" with an enterprise. There are many companies before 2018, but this year is like winter. It was only a few days ago that he found out that his personal account had been fired.
    Why are customers demanding more and shipping costs low, and family members worried about trouble and shipping costs low? The guests and family were dissatisfied. Do you like the money? What should I do now? All things should be coordinated. Otherwise, if the customer doesn't give money, you have to pay for it yourself, otherwise it will make the driver anxious. This result
    I'm kidding you. In fact, this is a true portrayal of many Tripartite logistics, many of which are more serious than this. Due to the single customer and excessive advance payment, the special line causes damage to the goods, but lacks the ability of insurance and compensation. If the transportation cost is too high for customers to afford, they will run away. If the special line is interrupted, they will run away. Have all three of them encountered such problems themselves?
    In fact, many of the three bosses and managers know very well. Although we don't want to put all our eggs in one basket, we have to work in this circle. If you want to produce some high-tech products, customers won't use them. Is it useless?
    In fact, Xiaobian has also seen many changes in the market and feels that all three parties can change themselves. The reason why business is bad now is that the amount of market information is increasing and the price is becoming more and more transparent. Many customers look for car sources on the platform. Therefore, how can the three-party logistics find its own way out is to make a three-party that can help the enterprise grow and change into a supply chain management company, understand every link of supply, have a systematic and scientific management mode, and win the reputation of customers. This is the core value of the three-party.
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